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October 12 2017


4 Benefits of Using Sealant for Brick

There are a good number of reasons why owners of brick houses prefer adding a layer of sealant for brick on their property. For one, it prolongs the life of your property by adding protection on its brick layers. At Wakefield Mfg.we offer highly engineered products that can last a lifetime and will protect your property for the longest time. We are a leader in the industry when it comes to manufacturing innovative paints and seals using the latest technology out of our extensive research.

If you are wondering what you could get out of protecting your brick surfaces with brick sealant, take a look at this.

Mildew protection

Having mildew on your brick surface is not only unsightly, it can also affect the quality of air in your home and immediate surroundings. For health and aesthetic reasons, it would be wise for you to apply brick sealant on your walls to prevent the growth of mildew and algae which could also become a breeding ground of insects and other organisms.
Prevents spalling

Spalling is the condition wherein masonry freezes and expands when penetrated by moisture. This could eventually break the breaks and its outer layers. With the right sealant for brick, you can prevent the penetration of water and moisture into your wall and effectively protect it from spalling.

Protection against efflorescence

Bricks are naturally porous so when they are not sealed, a salt-based deposit called efflorescence forms on its outer layer. This also holds true with other masonry and concrete products. To protect your brick walls against efflorescence, call a mason who will do a good sealing job for you. Having an excellent masonry plus using a high quality brick sealant will keep your brick wall in optimum condition for years to come.

Prevents water penetration

One of the most significant benefits of using sealant for brick is it can effectively prevent the successful penetration of water and moisture through your brick walls into your home. When water leaks through your walls, it can damage your windows, walls and furnishings inside the house, even your carpets and flooring. Only a good sealant can prevent water from seeping into your home walls.

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